EasyEmail 1.00

Free multi email and buddy notifier. Easy email client and bulk email sender
1.00 (See all)

Free multi email notifier and simple but clever email client not only for seniors and juniors.
Contains free bulk email sender (supports XML, CSV and TXT data file types to import)
Supports all standard account types IMAP, POP3, SSL, gmail, yahoo,... See more info at http://easy.email.utilstudio.com

Have only two buttons Read and Write which allows to read and write messages from buddy or to buddy.

EasyEmail client allow you to make your own list of buddies (your VIP persons) for example your familly members, friends or your coworkers.

Email client will you notify when new email arrives from any person in your buddy list or any email arrives to any from defined email accounts (gmail accounts are also supported).

Program allows to lock side bar on the screen and prevent to close email client.

Just only to drag and drop any files (pictures for example) to the buddy for creating new message with attached files.

Click "Paste" only to create email message from text message stored in clipboard, or picture stored in clipboard add as attachment. To send printscreen only click Alt+PrntSrcn and click "Paste" on selected buddy.

EasyEmail have Side bar which is possible to lock them on the screen, or minimize them to tray icon.

Application have also "all accounts inbox", which allow you to read all incoming emails across all defined accounts at one place.

Attachment viewer allows to list, open, save or print email attachments.

Simple installation and autoupdate.

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